Town of Wrightstown Phase 1 N. Elmro Rd. Apple Blossom Ln. and Ridge Royale Dr.

For construction updates and project milestones please see the table below.  Below is a list of currently completed and purchased tasks/items.  If you have any questions feel free to email us at  Update as of 03/08/2021

Completed and Purchased Tasks/Items

1. Town Of Wrightstown Utility Permit (Issued)

2. State of Wisconsin DOT Utility Permit (Issued)

3. 24 Strand Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable 20,000 Ft. (Purchased)

4. 20,000 Ft. of 1.25" HDPE Conduit for Main Line (Purchased) 

5. 2 Strand Single Mode Drop Fiber Optic Cable 10,000 Ft. (Purchased)

6. 10,000 Ft. of 3/4' HDPE Conduit for Fiber Optic Drop Cable (Purchased) 

7. 30 NID's (Network Interface Device) (Purchased)

8. Spectrum Contract (Signed)  

9. Two Cabinets for Network Equipment (Purchased) 

10. Network Switches and Router (Purchased)

11. 19 inch Fiber Optic Patch Panels (Purchased) 

TOW Phase 1 Rev1.jpg